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Ad Kraft Printing

In 1961 Don Pifer and Halyna Buhajenko acquired Ad Kraft Printing in Columbus, Indiana. In 1963 they became Mr. & Mrs. Pifer, then in 1964 I came into the world. The shop has been in a number of locations in town this building was aquired in 1976 and renovated from a Gulf Gas Station into the building seen below. Growing up in this environment was a great learning experience. Respect for mechanical equipment, learning some of the printing trade and various chemical smells bring back memories of child hood.

Learning respect for machines was an easy thing to do, as a self-employed family business the requirements of safety guards were not required. So basically the safety training consisted of, keep your hand and anything else you like, clear of the machines. You will see what I mean when you look at the pictures.

Now after 40 years of operation this chapter of Ad Kraft Printing begins to draw to a close. Dad took early retirement a few years ago, though Mom says she didn't notice much change in the quanity of work he did before or after. Mom will be retiring in September of 2001 which they hope by that time they will have sold the business. Between retirement and the ever pressing influence of EPA, OSHA and other regulations they say they are ready to retire. Soon this chapter will close on this "ma and pa" print shop.

Ad Kraft Printing
935 8th St.
Columbus, IN 47201
(812) 376-8660

30-March-2001 DLP

Update - December 2004 Plans to sell the business did go as anticpated. In April of 2002 much of the inventory and equipment was sold. Finally the building was sold on Dec 21, 2004. A large snow storm arrived the same afternoon of the closing leaving record snow fall of 18" to 28" in the area. It was a great relief to not have to worry about having the lot cleaned....

Pictures taken March 28, 2001
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