Repeater Etiquette by David Pifer N9YNF

One of the first things we are told about learning to use amateur radio is to get a radio and listen to others on the air. However this assumes that the people we are listening to have good operating habits. Bad habits are the hardest to correct, so if you did learn your operating habits over the air you might be in for surprise. Or maybe you knew this stuff all along. We are all guilty of one thing or another when we really look at this. The most common mode of communications in our area is the 2 Meter Repeater. Lets look at some recommended techniques.

The Basics


Auto-patch and 911

What is an Emergency - Immediate danger to human life or property.


Other Stuff

This was presented as the program for a WVARA club meeting by N9YNF. Portions were taken from various ARRL publications and personal close encounters. Feel free to copy and distribute as long as due credit for the work is given accordingly. Comments? Contact me at
02/29/2000 DLP